Thursday, February 4, 2016

Bernie Sanders: Lots of Dreams, No Reality

After watching the New Hampshire Democratic Town Hall last night I have come to one inescapable conclusion: Bernie Sanders is well-intentioned but has no actual plan to govern.

When asked how he would usher in the passage of his ambitious agenda (single payer healthcare system, free college, etc.) by moderator Anderson Cooper, the Vermont senator went on a long tirade about the bottom-up political revolution. Specifically, he thinks young people’s involvement with this presidential race will somehow inspire what may likely remain a republican-dominated house and senate to enact sweeping leftist policies.

We’ve heard this answer from him many times before. However, Sanders did not touch on even a hint of strategy for actually working with the congress. By the way, it is very likely that even democrats will not support the bulk of his goals.

Moreover, Sanders seems ignorant of the unfortunate truth of how politics work in this country. Lots of people gets very fired up about a presidential race. It happens once every four years and legitimately inspires people with the prospect of new leadership and a better direction. But then the election ends and people go back to the challenges of their day-to-day lives. To say that they become entirely uninvolved diminishes our citizens, but it’s been demonstrated time and again that people pay less attention during midterms and so on.

In 2008, Barack Obama was the candidate that was going to change Washington. It ended up changing him more than he it. In 2016, Bernie Sanders is taking up the change mantle, though his word is revolution. He was wonderful ideas—I find myself inspired by them—but he has no firm strategies to turn them into tangible achievements.

It’s time for President Clinton.

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