Thursday, April 18, 2013

Star Wars: The (US) Senate Shoots Back

The US Senate votes on expanding gun purchase background checks - April 17, 2013
In another stunning George Lucas-style political move, a Senate filibuster destroyed the latest gun legislation, failing to act on a measure supported by an inconceivable 90% majority of Americans.

And so once again I must concede that what I once considered to be a God awfully ineptly written piece of utter stupidity was actually ahead of its time and incredibly insightful. “There is no stability, only politics,” Mr. Lucas wrote, describing his fictional world’s congress in Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace, panned by critics for—among other things—having a rudimentary understanding of politics. “The senate is full of greedy, squabbling delegates. There is no interest in the common good,” Mr. Lucas went on.

Oh how right he was! I cannot think of another issue that has such widespread support among the American people. 90% is huge! (A fact that should go without saying, but the senate obviously needs it spelled out.) It’s almost unthinkable that so many Americans across different regions with differing values, cultures, languages, etc. would unite on any political issue. Then again, this is a pretty common sense issue. We want background checks on those who buy guns from gun shows or on the Internet. These are the same background checks we already require when people buy guns from a dealer. Nevertheless, the people we elected to represent our interests and desires completely and totally ignored us because of their own self-interest: fear of the all-too-powerful gun lobby.

This situation is appalling and alarming. It too closely resembles a poorly conceived, crumbling fictional world. Like Mr. Lucas scripted of his democracy, our own republic just leapt further down a dangerous path to the failure of our democratic experiment.

Kudos, George. I wonder what issue our “representatives” will sell us out on next.

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  1. Extensive background checks are already done for jobs and even apartment rentals, so I don't know why something so logical can still be ignored by the senate. I think we should first conduct a background check on members of the senate and discover the conflicts of interests that they all have.